The Black Pat Robertson

March 16, 2008

I don’t want to give any more coverage to leftist hate-monger Jeremiah Wright than is good for him, but I feel obligated to ask this question. Exactly what is the official media policy towards people who use religion to propagate their own loony political views? I think we need to get something in writing here. I sense a lot of duplicity and pandering.

Andrew Sullivan says it is only “incumbent” on the media to give equal coverage of all the good things Wright’s ministry has accomplished. I agree; the only problem is, the media doesn’t do that with weirdo evangelicals like Pat Robertson. I don’t think I’ve seen Mr. Sullivan, Time Magazine, or any other major news outlet devote an article to the great things the 700 Club has done for people. Mr. Wright would be a first, and a fair question is why does he deserve to be a first?

Those who say race has nothing to do with this have their heads six feet in the sand. Wright is getting preferential treatment because he is so heavily entrenched within the “Black religious experience.” Note Sullivan’s choice of words: “intemperate,” rather than the favorite adjective of the Robertson attack squad, “intolerant.” One means a guy just gets too angry sometimes; the other means he’s a jerk with bad beliefs. I think either of those words would do fine, but they need to appear on both sides.

Either this kind of talk, coming from a white evangelical or a black community leader, is wrong and hateful, or it isn’t. I think it is, so why equivocate on terms?


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