Does Muslim matter?

February 27, 2008

A blogger at Beliefnet asking a fair question: Why does it matter if Obama’s a Muslim?

Frankly, the whole thing’s pathetic. First he responded to a false email about him being Muslim by calling the rumors “scurrilous.” The email was false. Fine. But why “scurrilous?” And now this photo is a “fear-mongering” tactic. Is it such an insult to have any link with Muslims? For a man who’s all about change and hope, he’s slowly squashing any hope Muslims have for a fair shake by the government in this country, should he become president.

Go back and read that last sentence one more time. A “fair shake”? By the government?

As far as I know, Muslim votes are not discounted, neither are Muslims kept from the polls. So what does this mean?  Well, I’m not completely sure, and therein lies part of the answer to the question. We are honestly not sure what a Muslim president would try to do with the direction of this country; this is probably because American Muslims seem to be an island surrounded by depths of theocratic extremists. An objective view of our world leaves one thinking that for every peaceful, law-abiding Muslim, there are five who aren’t opposed to Sharia law or enforcing it.

I don’t know what the blogger meant by “fair shake by the government,” but I can only respond that America has been enthusiastically fair, given the deep (but not wide?) ideological disparity between American Muslims and others.


One Response to “Does Muslim matter?”

  1. Ben said

    How many Muslims do you know personally? Any? How many of them are theocratic zealots? Sounds like you’re a little prejudiced, aren’t you?

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