Last ditch effort

February 20, 2008


We’ve heard this somewhere before.

I am certainly no Hillary Clinton supporter, but even this is getting hard to watch. Clinton is simply in shock and doesn’t know how to really respond. Why should she? She hasn’t ever had to face this kind of tidal wave of opposition before. Her husband beat the system to become President twice. Her senate seat was given to her with only little serious doubt. She is used to winning, and winning easily.

And she’s never had to beat her own party, either. That, I think, is the salt in the wound for Mrs. Clinton. Her party, which has always appeared to deify the Clintons, has dumped her for some rookie who can speak better than she can. The Democrat’s mantra of power before loyalty, which Mrs. Clinton has embraced time and again, is bringing her down.

She really needs some new talking points. All she can do is scream about inexperience (which very few voters actually take into account), while continually conceding that, yes, compared to Obama, she sounds like nails on a chalkboard. She makes a valid point, but validity does not equal effectiveness, and if she is going to land the Hail Mary needed to salvage her campaign, something new has to be tried.


2 Responses to “Last ditch effort”

  1. urbnyid said

    Firstly, I love that you wrote an article on some of the obsurdities in PETA (There’s a show on showtime called Bull Sh!t which has an entire episode dedicated to it). However, your attack on Senator Clinton holds no base in her political history as one who has made changes. All I know about Barack Obama is from speeches he has given talking about the way things could be (even before his bid for President). I’ve been convinced about things I’ve been wrong about before (I’m a supporter of the State of Israel and I recently learned that he is too – despite my previous skepticism).

    It’s funny how rat *shtuping* works. Those who can’t convince people to support their candidate simply attack the opponents. Why should I, a libertarian on most issues, support a candidate who begs for universal healthcare and will not come out in support of Gay Americans. I don’t plan on either participating in a universal health care system (even if established) nor is my sexual preference discriminated against by the government, but I just don’t see him taking our country in a safer direction. Although, I do have go give Obama proper reccognition for his ability to sway nearly the entire international community to support him (kidding or not – too bad for him they don’t get a vote).

  2. urbnyid said

    Althought it looks as though no one reads this, I was wrong in saying that, I found out later that the Senator was a state Senator, so I appologize for my mistake.

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