The pen is mightier than the gun

February 18, 2008

A poster on the Beliefnet forums asks poignantly:

 As a mother who already has to worry about a country bent on going to war and staying there, perhaps some of you gun supporters can tell me why I have to worry about my son going to school? If guns are so hunky dory and they are wonderful addition to our country can you please explain why so many young people, salesclerks and people in a shopping mall have been killed lately by nuts with guns? There should be gun control in this country and there should be NO WAY a young person should be able to run into a school and shoot people dead.

It’s cliche, but its relevance is obvious: Guns don’t kill people. Psychotics who see an opportunity to bookend their existence with extensive media coverage kill people. The difference between the soldier who kills the terrorist with a gun and the student who kills his peers with the same is gaping, and it has nothing to do with the guns themselves.

Perhaps young adults in the fray of higher education would be less inclined to such evil were they to receive instruction emphasizing the centrality of personal responsibility, and the absurdity of the welfare state’s victimization worldview. As it is, postmodern, near-nihilistic views of life and God pervade academia, and I do not know of  many happy, healthy people who smile as they confess, “It’s all relative [read: worthless].”

In this sense, the pen is mightier than the gun. Perhaps the philosophy and counseling departments of major universities will rethink exactly what kind of effect a worldview without God has on people. That would be a thousand times more effective (and not to mention Constitutional) than removing the citizenry’s defenses. Who knows, you might start having students barge in to class with (gasp!) a Bible instead of a handgun.


2 Responses to “The pen is mightier than the gun”

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  2. pochp said

    I agree. Guns don’t kill people- people do.
    The problem is knowing who can handle guns.

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