Rush “Endorses” Barack Obama

February 13, 2008

An unofficial transcript:

“Barack Obama is a blank canvass, upon which anyone can paint their fantasy…and so I will. I endorse Barack Obama because he is pro-life; he is for smaller government. He is for private enterprise. And he will establish a playoff system once and for all in college football..”

Sarcasm can often communicate great truth, and this is a good example. Rush is exactly correct about Obama’s strategy; he is a non-political politician. His speeches are vague and devoid of content and heavy on emotionally idealistic language. What does he offer America that Hillary does not? What great new philosophy of government does Obama have that really does promise “real change,” and not just a revert to the tired, failed liberalism of Jimmy Carter?

It’s too bad the media seems to be unaware of these questions. I would think the answers might be very valuable.


6 Responses to “Rush “Endorses” Barack Obama”

  1. underdog said

    go read his website dufus

  2. Sam James said

    Kerry tried the “check out my website” schtick too. The problem is that the candidates don’t write what’s on their site. It’s a fallback option, when really they should spell out their platform to real people.

  3. Michael said

    Exactly Sam. Obama’s appeal is emotional, not intellectual regarding the issues. He is confused and vacuous when trying to talk about real ideas. I also find that the Obama faithful, pull the same “go to the website” ploy while they allow this empty suit to talk his flowery, bedtime story, pie in the sky, dick and jane rhetoric. This is a perfect campaign strategy for the easily influenced, emotional youngsters that seem to makeup his support. I met many of his supporters, and not one can articulate his positions on Taxes, economy, national security, etc…..they don’t know or care…its purely emotional

  4. bleport said

    Obama has presented his position on the issues. He has them in print. I see where people may see Obama saying the same thing, over and over. But let’s face it: when Edwards pushes his central agenda after every loss it only put him in a deeper hole and made him look divisive. I think Obama has a shot at the presidency, knows he does, and if he wins he really wants to try to do as he has said in bringing people together to think about and work through the issues. It is not that Obama is shallow and all hype, it is that he realizes most politicians cannot follow through on the most detailed of political promises. So why go that route? Why not present your ideas while being open first and foremost, and running a candidacy on, the fact that your first goal is to work to bring America together. To do that you’ve got to be flexible.

  5. Sam James said

    I don’t think Obama really IS shallow, I think his campaign is trying very carefully to avoid serious platform-talk right now. The honest truth is the difference between Hillary and himself is not very significant, at least to most mainstream voters. What IS different is their personalities, which is what the Obama team is banking on.

  6. Exactly. Obama v. Clinton is more or less an outlook difference; some say a worldview difference. Not so much a policy difference.

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