Christopher Hitchens: The Michael Moore of Religion

January 29, 2008

One telling aspect of a debater is how often he or she resorts to name-calling, sarcasm, or more frequently, arrogant assertions that everyone except his opponent is very much aware how right he is. Well, Christopher Hitchens makes a point of getting the triple crown whenever he can open his mouth, and a recent debate with Intelligent Design advocate Jay Richards demonstrates. Read some of these Hitchisms, and admire how, with Matrix-like efficieny, an “intellectual” dodges every issue:

“I can’t imagine it’ll take me 14 minutes to demolish intelligent design, as I refuse to call it…”

“I rest my case… [t]his is an honest guy, who has just made it very clear [that] science has nothing to do with his world view.”  [said after asking Richards if he believed the virgin birth and resurrection, to which Richards answered yes]

“I think I am smarter than most people…”

Honestly, I don’t think we can blame Hitchens completely. He is the product of an intellectuall system which has long abandoned the art of reason and dialogue and settled for intellectual elitism and class-based social discrimination. He is simply regurgitating the same talking points Oxford has been churning out for almost a century.

He is like the Michael Moore of religion, producing hit pieces long on conjecture and phantom repression-theory but short on substance and facts. A intellectual shock-jock–nothing less, and certainly nothing more.

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3 Responses to “Christopher Hitchens: The Michael Moore of Religion”

  1. Brian said

    You hit the nail on the head. If anyone comes across the audio of the debate, please share the link. Thanks!

  2. David said

    Not all ideas are worthy of respect. Intelligent Design, Virgin Birth and Resurrection are all absurd things which deserve to be ridiculed not only because they are obviously false (Like Fairies and Leprechauns), but more importantly because the motivations behind the people who go around spouting this non-sense are inherently evil and power seeking.

    Also, according to your argument I should discredit you because you resort to name calling when referring to Hitchens as an Elitist (and in the same sentence accusing him of class based social discrimination), a shock-jock and comparing him to Michael Moore.

    An argument based purely on logic is boring and unpersuasive — as you must be aware because you chose not to address your dislike of Hitchens in this way.

  3. Karl said

    David- well said. Agreed.

    I suspect one reason people object to Hitchen’s barbs is that they are forced to the dictionary…..

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