Dropping The O-Bomb(a)

January 28, 2008

Barack Obama destroyed Hillary Clinton in this weekend’s South Carolina primary. There might be some legitimate shock at just how disparate the numbers really are, but honestly there’s a simple explanation for why Senator Obama won.27obama.jpg

Obama has outpoliticked Hillary Clinton every conceivable phase of the game. He has presented himself as the smarter, more sensible agent of real anti-establishment change and has conistently demonstrated that his appeal is not exaggerated. This has to irk the Clintons; Hillary, for the obvious backhand to her smug self-assuredness,  and Bill for the loud and clear message it sends him about his own lack of deification within the Democratic party.

Let’s face it: The Clintons are on the run. They played hardball hoping to call in old loyalties, and instead looked like the scum of the political earth. Obama has beaten Hillary by letting her be herself, and the inevitable result will be not just defeat but disillusionment. What can she do? Well, for one thing, she’s leashing the attack dog. She might perhaps be able to repair her image in less aggressively pro-Obama states, but the sound bytes she has given out (particularly to a conservative media base that has all but ignored the Illinois Senator) will be on loop for some time.

The nomination is Obama’s to lose. Whether he will or not is too early now to tell, and weirder things have happened. But the reversal of fortunes has been finalized.


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