Will The Real Greenland Please Stand Up?

January 26, 2008

The Global Warming Heretic is getting mixed signals out of the Left’s favorite apocalyptic hot spot.

From the London Times via Fox News, January 17:

Greenland Ice Sheet Rapidly Melting, Scientists Find

Greenland’s ice sheet shrank more rapidly last summer than at any other time in the past 50 years, measurements have shown.

Researchers said the extent of the melt was evidence that the ice sheet was in “inexorable decline” because of global warming.

The researchers found a shift in meteorological patterns over the past 15 years, with a direct correlation being found between Greenland’s weather and the generally warmer weather across both the northern and southern hemispheres.

From Icecap.us, January 17:

Ice Returns as Greenland Temps Plummet

On Disko Bay in western Greenland, where a number of prominent world leaders have visited in recent years to get a first-hand impression of climate change, temperatures have dropped so drastically that the water has frozen over for the first time in a decade. “The ice is up to 50cm thick,” said Henrik Matthiesen, an employee at Denmark’s Meteorological Institute who has also sailed the Greenlandic coastline for the Royal Arctic Line. ‘We’ve had loads of northerly winds since Christmas which has made the area miserably cold.’ Matthiesen suggested the cold weather marked a return to the frigid temperatures common a decade ago.

 Conference, anyone?


6 Responses to “Will The Real Greenland Please Stand Up?”

  1. Doy said

    1 cold winter in 10 years doesn’t offset the significance of the wholesale melting of an icecap. Might want to find two articles that share the same time scale before creating a comparison.

  2. Sam James said

    Effectual offset is not the point. Rather, it is the fact that in the midst of what Al Gore points to as THE most severe time for climate change ever, Greenland is the coldest its ever been. Something there is not consistent

  3. Doy said

    “Coldest its ever been”? 10 year memory?

  4. Sam James said

    I concede the poor choice of words. What I meant was that Greenland is certainly not warmer (according to Gore, it should be) and that at least one report says it’s getting colder (according to Gore, it most certainly shouldn’t be).

  5. hitcat said

    North America is experiencing one of the most severe and cold winters in several years. Does this mean that climate change is a myth? No. The disruption of weather patterns is clear. Just ask anyone on the east coast of Canada or in the prairies. One severe winter out of a whole decade of above average temperatures and below average snowfall is not evidence that climate change is false.

    The fact that Greenland is experiencing cold temperatures in January is no surprise and it does not mean that the ice sheet has stopped melting nor does it mean that far higher than normal temperatures are not recorded in the summer.

    Have you been to Greenland in January, Mr. James? Are you aware that the amount of daylight that Greenland recieves in the winter can be measured in minutes? Of course it’s cold.

    The very fact that you rely on Mr. Gore clearly shows your ignorance on this matter. Most reputable climate change specialists will themselves take issue with much of the data and data interpretation as presented my Gore. Gore is a popularisor, not a scientist. It is in his best interests to use worst case and most extreme data points in promoting his cause.

    This sort of pseudo-intellectualism is rampant in North American evangelical churches. They seize upon one or two arguments of dubious worth, then proceed to pick out the errors in those arguments as a way of proving that these arguments are false.

    The scientific community has already disputed much of what Mr. Gore presents as gospel. It doesn’t need you, Mr. James.

    Furthermore, I will submit that several climate change theories (some going back decades) predict a brief, intense warming trend (sound familiar?) proceeding a period of rapid glaciation. If such theories are correct, it would be expected that winter temperatures return to and exceed averages while summer temperatures continue to increase.

    In addition, it is not atmospheric temperatures that are the major concern (while they are worrying), but sea temperatures. Any increase of the average sea temperature will increase the rate of melting of any ice cap in contact with it. Oceanic temperatures are not greatly affected by short term seasonal variation (like a single cold winter in a decade), but rather long term conditions.

    In short Mr. James, just because Greenland is cold in the winter doesn’t mean we haven’t cause perhaps irrepriable damage to the ecosystem. Basing your counter arguments on the inflated data of one enviro-crusader does not make you well informed or capable of disputing years of study by actual scientists.

  6. KuhnKat said

    In short Mr. Hitcat, the Argo project has just SHOWN us that Sea Temperatures ARE NOT RISING!!!!

    Sorry, but your theories are, in the end, as empty as Al Bore’s.

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