Family Matters

January 25, 2008

Andrew Sullivan explains why an intravenous win for Bill via Hillary is no laughing matter:

In fact, the way in which he has dominated and controlled the narrative of the Clinton campaign since Iowa suggests that if his wife wins the Oval Office, she will largely have him to thank. He will have immensely more power in his wife’s first term than she had in either of his. To understand how this power is exercised, we are compelled to understand the personal emotional dynamics of a marriage. And so legitimate scrutiny can be shrouded by claims of marital privacy and privilege (as it has been before). Any accountability a president Hillary Clinton has to the American people will be refracted through her husband and vice versa. The arrangement all but requires opacity where democracy demands transparency. In fact, the way in which power is being deployed and the manner in which it has to be examined is more familiar to an old-style monarchy than a constitutional republic.


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